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I practice in the areas of Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship, Business Formation & Advising, Estate Litigation and Commercial Litigation. I represent clients across the entire State of Delaware.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Taking care of our families is one of the most important things we do. Food on the table, a roof over their heads; keeping them safe, healthy and happy.

What happens to them if something happens to you? You need a plan, both for their sake and yours. And you want a good, strong, reliable plan.

Your family isn’t “simple” or “generic.” Your Will shouldn’t be either. There are unknown issues and unexpected questions to address:

  • Are there taxes or expenses you can reduce?
  • Does any of your property have unexpected restrictions on ownership?
  • Are there licenses or government records that need to be transferred?
  • Can you help your family avoid the entire Probate process? 

What can you expect from my firm when it’s time to write your Will? I’ll meet with you to discuss your goals, your needs, your family and your property. We’ll make a plan and decide on a timeline together. I’ll complete your Will, and we’ll meet a second time to review and sign it.

Most importantly, you can expect personal attention to your needs. I’m ready to help.


A loved one has passed away. You’ve let family and friends know; planned the funeral; maybe you’ve started going through the house, trying to make a plan. There’s a lot to do. Then you realize you need to handle the Estate. The Probate process might feel overwhelming. Don’t do it alone.

Probate involves notifying government offices, providing lists and values of everything your loved one owned, managing property and money, paying bills, and giving proof of all of that to the government.

Do you know how to save money by managing the expenses? Do you know which bills to pay and which don’t need to be paid?

That’s where we can help – we save you time and effort, we work with the government agencies, and we do our best to keep those expenses low for you and your family.

Most importantly, we guide and advise you and see to your special needs.

Of course, you can find forms and tips on the Internet or talk to people you know. But tips from a website, or suggestions from friends who have “done it before,” might not help in your case. Everyone’s situation is unique – including yours.

Don’t add another difficult and time-consuming job to your list. Let me guide you through it.


What happens when Mom, or Dad, or another loved one, needs more and more help caring for themselves? You might be trying to help, but you can’t talk to their doctors about their medicine; or the mortgage company won’t give you any information; or you can’t help them pay their bills.

Guardianship is a difficult decision, but it might be necessary. Once your loved one is forgetting their medication, struggling with self-care and medical treatment, or having trouble living on their own, it’s time to think about it.

Guardianship is a serious situation, and you should have serious help. You’ll need to file a petition, get a doctor’s opinion to support the request, notify any next-of-kin (sometimes even search for estranged family), and prepare for an attorney to visit and evaluate the situation. Later, you’ll have an ongoing obligation to report and provide financial accounting to the Court.

Sometimes we can find our way through a complex situation with enough time and effort, but sometimes, it’s too important to take risks.

Don’t delay getting the help your loved one needs.

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